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Finding Higher Income Sources With The Low Dollar Value

I was reading today how the Canadian dollar was at about 87 cents US and most of the articles I read revolved around how our economy is going down along with other items like recession fears. One good thing out of this situation is how since the dollar value is lower, that means any of my income sources that drive from a US vendor/partner is a lot more now.

I remember when the Canadian dollar was at par with the US one it was the reverses affect where the pay wasn’t as good as a result. The good thing to take away from this is trying to diversify yourself I’d say. Like in this case, it kind of creates a balance here when it is bad in one place the other goes up and vice versa.

I usually find doing some kind of simple online business is the most simple way for most people to generate an income from various sources. Bottom line, you have to get up and do something.

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