Being Financially Duped By Labels And Perception
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Being Financially Duped By Labels And Perception

I always find skits like this hilarious where people are duped into thinking they are using something high end when in reality it’s an affordable everyday item. This video I saw today was from the show Jimmy Kimmel where apparently there is some kind of nail polish out there by a Christian Louboutin that costs $675 for a tiny bottle. The experiment was to tell people that they were using this item and the results were entertaining as you can see here:

Does stuff like this ever make you think about all the stuff you pay for and how much of it is simply marketing? I know computers are often like this where the parts can literally be the same between two machines. But the difference on how one costs $2000 and the other $1200 is simply the brand marketing and implied perception that one is better. Knowing exactly what you are buying can sure save you a lot of money.

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