The Fight Between Walmart And Visa

The Fight Between Walmart And Visa

walmart visa dispute

I was reading a bunch of articles recently on how Walmart here in Canada is apparently going to stop accepting Visa as a form of payment for its stores. The first thing that came to my mind is how Visa is probably going to lose a ton of revenue over this. They even created a Youtube video about it which you can see here:

To me I would imagine most people will just adapt to the changes and start using things like a Mastercard or sign up for the stores’s own credit card. Kind of similar to when I heard Costco was changing its card policies. I don’t know if I would ever stop shopping at a place completely due to the type of credit card they would accept if they offered the best service and prices. It would definitely stop me from potentially shopping at a place for the first time though.

Would you even care about these business oriented disputes too as a consumer in the big picture? Kind of a scary business example too on how one cut off business relationship can cost you so much money.

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