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Feeling The Need To Buy Things On Trips

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I got a phonecall today from my parents who are on vacation and my mom wasn’t calling to see how things were but rather was asking about my shoe size. Basically, she wanted to buy me a pair of shoes. I was then saying it was alright as there was no need to spend money on me for things like that as I can buy it here as well with less risk that if something didn’t work out with the item it could be exchanged easily. However, it seemed like she insisted in buying something anyways.

Didn’t really know any other way to convince my mom to save her money as I know like for many people buying things for others when you are on a trip is like a sign of good gesture that they aren’t just thinking about themselves. Funny thing is I usually end up spending more money after too as I feel the need to spend more on a person’s gift on occasions like their birthday or for Christmas knowing that they spent money on me for things like this.

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