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Fast Food Doesn’t Seem Inexpensive To Me

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After attending an event today with a few people it was decided that they wanted to drop by a McDonalds to get something to eat. A lot of people often say that if you are tight on a budget then fast food restaurants are one of the keys ways to save money as healthy foods are simply out of the question. I always wondered, why do people think this way?

Just looking at the prices, a combo meal is usually about $6. Even something as simple as a tiny cup of apple juice is like $1. You can easily get almost a litre of juice at the supermarket for the same price as an example. If anything, you are essentially paying a premium for the convenience of having everything prepared for you just like any other restaurant. That makes sense of course. It still makes me wonder why most people automatically assume that dining out at a fast food restaurant equals to saving money.

The only thing I can really think of is that if you always dine out at regular restaurants then the prices will for sure seem like an extreme amount of savings. I am almost thinking that when it comes to spending money on food that everyone should try to not dine out for at least a month and prepare your own meals instead. The amount of savings may surprise you.

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