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Factoring In Personal Values And Habits or Not For Business

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The other day I saw a situation where there was a person who apparently was very wishy washy I guess you can say about following through with a commitment of sorts. Essentially even though the person agreed to something they would change their minds all of a sudden once everything is said and done. What made me think was that this person expressed interest with a few people I know, including myself, on how they wanted to work together on a future project. But with these non-business related examples though it makes me wonder if those same habits would transfer over in their business life as well.

They often say you should keep personal stuff away from business related items. Example, even when it comes to people it’s like saying if a person is like a wild party animal in their personal life but can run a company impeccably then the two should be considered separate. I personally find the two are often interrelated with the only difference being the circumstance. For example, one scenario can have higher repercussions such as if you do something wrong you are unemployed. So that is an incentive to say be professional. However, many times I find it’s not uncommon there like if the person all of a sudden didn’t need money then they will tend to treat the job as if they would if they had a care free party day.

In many ways wouldn’t it make sense to factor in one’s personal values of sorts? I know for me anyways I have never seen a person who say treats people rudely in their personal life not transfer that over in a business life as well. The only difference is it can often require a specific scenario to bring it out such as if the person felt like they were immune to certain actions. In that sense it can be a good thing to consider I feel.

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