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Factoring In Business Productivity On A Hump Day

This was actually complete new to me as today I was having a conversation with a person who suggested that I should try and complete a task by On Wednesday or Thursday. My immediate reaction was to ask him which day he thought would be better since he was the expert. He then said Thursday would probably be better as Wednesday is a “hump day”. I was confused as I actually never heard of the term of a hump day and he was shocked to hear that.

According to the urban dictionary a hump day is “The middle of a work week (Wednesday); used in the context of climbing a proverbial hill to get through a tough week.” So in context to the conversation apparently a lot of people are say tired and grumpy on Wednesdays. Therefore, there would be better odds of getting results from people on Thursday.

In many ways it makes sense such as people being more excited and energetic on a Friday as they are pumped up to finish the work week to enjoy the weekend. It’s just kind of funny how I probably never would have even thought of a Wednesday being like a motivation killer day for many to the point where you should consider doing things on a different day. Learn something new every day.

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