An Extra Discount or A Cheap Gift That Convinces You To Buy Now

An Extra Discount or A Cheap Gift That Convinces You To Buy Now

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Gift Cards are often one of the popular things to give people for presents. It is essentially the safe way to ensure that the recipient will get something that they actually need or want. What got me thinking is how on Amazon every year they seem to have this promotion where if you buy a $100 gift card you will also receive a free teddy bear. From what I see people go more crazy over this than say giving you a $5 bonus for getting a $100 gift card.

I wouldn’t be surprised if on a mass scale that bear is actually pretty cheap to make. I almost wonder if people are more inclined to make the purchase with that teddy bear offer because of the perceived retail value of it. For example, getting a free teddy bear that you think would sell for maybe $10 sounds better than an actual $5 credit.

The more I think about it business wise you could probably take it a step further such as each year you change the item a little bit such as a color difference of the item to then make people want to collect them. In many ways it’s better to be creative with your promotions.

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