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Extended Christmas Billing Grace Periods

I noticed that usually this time of year a lot of credit card companies extend the monthly billing due date in anticipation of people making more purchases than they normally would. Strangely enough, for myself I don’t usually take advantage of this and instead simply pay off the entire bill as normal. You’d think I would take advantage though considering I usually want to earn as much with my funds as possible before having to part with it.

My reasoning is pretty straight forward as paying the bills on time is more of a lifestyle habit for me. Therefore, getting lazy and procrastinating as a result of this I feel could potentially make me forget to pay it off afterwards. Almost like following an exercise routine where dropping the ball for one day could make you say things like “I skipped one day and I am fine. So another shouldn’t hurt.”

Less stress overall too I think as finances is something I’d rather not think about after all the celebrations. So maybe it’s a nice gesture from the banks, but if you have to spend more days to accumulate money to pay off a larger credit card bill than normal then maybe you are spending too much I think.

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