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Having To Explain Time Off As A Self Employed Person

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Like many people I personally rely mostly on online media sources to get my daily news type of updates. I just find it is often faster and I can instantly find different opinions about it to better educate myself. I have recently been watching this Youtube channel a lot called The Philip DeFranco Show where the person essentially commentates on the news which I always find interesting.

However, today he made a video saying he won’t be making videos for a full week. From what I gather he has been making daily videos for years and this sounded like it was due to things like legal problems.

This kind of made me think business wise how when you work for yourself and have a stable audience or customer base you often need to be prepared to give some kind of decent explanation as to why you need time off without actually giving all the details. It’s not like working a nine to five job for an employer where it’s as simple as saying you want to bank your vacation time as an example.

Generally speaking there are a ton of people who mainly have the “what can you do for me” mindset as opposed to factoring that people on the other end can often need time off. It’s one of those realities in doing any kind of business I feel. So maybe it’s good to have some kind of backup per se even though at the moment it seems like you can do it with just what you have. Most large businesses do that as an example such as having multiple employees in case like one person is sick.

Because you just never know what life may throw at you and at the same time your personal life can be a non-factor when it comes to delivering what people expect on a consistent basis.

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