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Expensive Food Price That Are Beyond Mind Boggling

Dried pineapple price

Recently I was visiting an area that I don’t go too often except for special events. So, I decided to visit the local shops to see what kind of deals can be found in the area. The most surprising thing to me was how ridiculously expensive some can be. For example, take a look at the price for this bag of dried pineapple. As you can see, it is $9.29 for a bag that consists of only 85 grams of product. That is really tiny too.

I would assume the price is due to the item apparently being processed in every organic way possible. But would it really be justifiable at that price? I mean just in comparison look at how many whole pineapples in general I could buy even if it is not a big sale price. Like in this case, would you rather have four whole pineapples or 80 grams of dehydrated ones?

whole pineapple

For myself personally, seeing prices that high would make me dare to try and say dehydrate it myself. Even if I don’t have a machine for example I could try it in one of those do it yourself in the oven ways. I was trying to imagine for myself on what scenarios I would find that price reasonable. The only thing I could really think is if I didn’t really have a basic price list in my head on what the whole product itself costs around the area.

Example, I saw these abalone at a supermarket where the price tag was definitely an eye catcher where it stated it was $109.99 a pound. I don’t exactly shop for this stuff usually and so my assumption would be that is a “normal” price as it’s probably rare or something. But in the case of those dehydrated food products it’s not the same.


Although, maybe these examples can be good for you if you see them in stores. It should give you a perspective on just how much more you can get for your dollar. Like many say, a lot of times when it comes to money it’s not how much you make but rather how you spend it.

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