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Expecting A Company Expert To Know Everything Or Just More Than You

Today I dropped by the phone store to learn more about the new plan that was being offered. One thing that I thought was a little strange about it was that the company was only enabling LTE signals for people who specifically bought these just released phones with them. While they say other phones just aren’t compatible it didn’t make sense to me as a lot of year old phones have the same frequency and all. So I decided to get clarification.

As I arrived at the store I first asked the person about this new plan in general. Unfortunately he was completely unaware of it and was sure that I was referencing something else. This was unfortunate as to me it always makes me worried on how knowledgeable the person is overall about the product or service when they aren’t even aware of promotions. So I actually had to go on the Internet and show him.

Afterwards I asked him about the phone compatibility question and he was very confident that it would only work with the brand new phones that were coming out. I asked again if he was sure or if he was just guessing at the moment as it didn’t really make much technical sense. Again he was insistent that for sure you needed the brand new phones. Not really confident in his answer I simply thanked him and left.

It made me think from a business point of view on how important it is for employees to really know the promotions or the things you sell as you can lose credibility so fast in the mind of the consumer. That is why when I worked in a retail environment before I only worked in categories where I was legitimately a person who was passionate about the products. It translated very well for the company too in terms of generating business and repeat customers. This can be true even for like consultants as an example I feel.

I personally wouldn’t expect a person to know everything. But if you are asking the person for advice or paying for that advice one should know more than you do in whatever it is you have questions about.

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