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Excuse To Try New Things In The New Years

2014 is almost gone and usually that means people begin to throw out the new year’s resolutions such as wanting to lose weight. For myself I usually take the time to reflect upon things that I want to try and spend more time on as I always want to learn something new. In a way, a new year for me gives me a reason to pursue different hobbies and challenges.

I always find it’s a great way to learn new skills and traits that we would normally have to spend a lot of money to acquire. I also look at any items I purchased and whether or not I have adequately justified its purchase as a potential factor in determining what I should do. Example, if I spent hundreds of dollars on exercise gear and haven’t used it then I would either find a way to sell it in the new year or to develop an activity around it.

One thing is for sure though where whatever I do it shouldn’t require me to invest a lot of money in doing so. That way I should be genuinely passionate about whatever it is I am doing as opposed to wasted money being the main motivator.

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