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Everyone Has A Boss Saying

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I was reading some political news here today that was kind of surprising. Like a lot of other countries there are elected officials who are designated in being the voice of the people in order to make decisions that are necessary to move the country forward. Presently, “the Government of Canada” is run by a party where the name of its leader is Stephen Harper.

I a funny twist of events, apparently I suppose they thought it was a great idea to spend tax payer dollars to change items such as letterheads and website content where anything that has the phrase “the Government of Canada”would now instead say “the Harper government.” As expected, this has raised a lot of eyebrows.

For one reason or another, the first thought in my mind was “Did they forget like everyone else you have a boss that you need to be accountable to?” In this case, it’s the people that voted for them. So business wise it made me think how in contrast it is an error to assume that when you start your own business that you are someone that doesn’t answer to anybody and can do as you please.

While it may be true that you have a business where say employees must answer to you and not vice versa, in the end you still have to answer to the customers who are essentially your boss as they are the ones keeping you afloat. I was thinking too, imagine making that kind of a decision in a business where someone say contracted you to build a new building which would simply be named after the town itself. After getting the money, you decide to label everything under your own name instead. That would surely create chaos.

I guess stories like these are made so that you can learn from their choices.

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