Everyone Having A Boss In A Different Way That Dictates Your Time

Everyone Having A Boss In A Different Way That Dictates Your Time

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I was having a conversation recently where a person was saying how he essentially thought my lifestyle was less stressful as it seemed like I could make my own schedules to dictate what I wanted to do for the day and didn’t have to answer to anyone. This was compared to him where he was working directly for a specific company as an employee. I was then expressing how both methods of work you are always catering to somebody where for an average employee that would your boss in the company and for a business owner that would be the customers.

Regardless of that he still thought the business owner’s lifestyle is less stressful. There is just so much misconception of that I feel to the point where I think people make themselves feel like they always have it worst than everyone else when really they probably don’t. The reason that is important is because people often use that as an excuse to be miserable which I think is counterproductive.

One example I used which got him thinking was how for the business owner they probably have to do a ton of behind the scene work such as marketing and hustling just to get those customers in the first place. Most likely as a regular employee you wouldn’t have to do that. But the trade-off there is you probably have to work at specific times that business dictates. Ultimately everyone has a boss. It just depends on what kind of lifestyle you prefer in terms of how the challenge and workload is conducted as not everyone can adapt to specific situations. Unless you are literally retired person then that is different.

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