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Everyone Becoming An Expert After An Event Has Taken Place

These past few days I noticed that there were two events that were rather shocking which generated a lot of attention. One was of course the tragedy that happened in Paris and the other one was the UFC fight of Ronda Rousey losing the tile to Holly Holm. For the Paris incident I was reading how apparently people like Donald Trump was implying that he in a way sensed that something was going to happen. Or for the fight, people were saying how they are experts in the topic and knew Rousey was going to lose.

Now obviously a lot of people do this to build up credibility for themselves in whatever industry or field they may be in. It just makes you wonder though on how many so called experts out there usually only make comments after something has happened as a way to solidify their expertise. Since yesterday I read that article about the psychic swindling a guy for all his money, in many ways it’s almost like a physic claiming they foresaw all the events happening after it has happened as a way of saying “I am the real deal.”

I usually find in these cases that the real experts would try to break something down scientifically for educational purposes as opposed to a “I knew it would happen” route if they were hesitant about making a firm prediction ahead of time. This can be important too when it comes to a situation where you are looking to pay someone real money for advice as an example I feel. More odds that your emotions are simply being played with for the sake of making a sale of some sort. It should make you think the next time you see all these eBooks and other materials for sale from people who claim they just always knew that a certain large event would happen in the world.

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