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Ever Have A Financial Backup For Teacher Strikes

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This is a first for me hearing something like this. Essentially, here in BC there has been a labor dispute for quite a while now amongst teachers. Because of this and the potential for the strike to go beyond the start of the new school year the government is proposing that If this happens parents would get $40 a day for each kid under 13 for as long as the strike continues.

Interestingly enough, it seems like the majority feels like this is simply a political tactic and many are saying simply fund that money back to the teachers. Kind of funny in some ways as if you were like a group of board of directors this is probably one of those ideas that sound good on paper. As expected, this is creating a huge debate such as people asking why it is only limited to people with children who are under 13.

Does anyone ever think of having a backup plan financially if theoretically a school was going to be closed for say 3 months for your child? Would people even know what to do with the $40 a day other than using it for babysitting? I can only imagine how much more money a family spends in these situations since it is unexpected.

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