Ever Avoiding Deals That Are Better But Give Too Much
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Ever Avoiding Deals That Are Better But Give Too Much


The other day I went to buy some beets from the supermarket where I usually buy the ones in bunches which still has the roots and all intact as apparently it is supposed to be better for you. Normally the size of each beet is like half a tennis ball which most of them were. But there was this one bunch of beets where each one was the size of a large grape fruit. That was a no brainer where it was the best value to get. The thing it that was so much more beets than I would usually prepare.

A person was telling me though that if it was them they would have just went with the normal small size one. Basically they were concerned that they may not finish it all. I think that way too when it comes to buying large bulk items. Even though it is better in value there is no point if you end up throwing an excess of it away. But in this case everything was the exact same price. To me it feels weird not to get the better value one and simply find ways to use more than usual.

At worst too in these cases I would find people to give some away to. May as well use your bargain shopping skills to help others as well. Because there is no guarantee the other person who may buy it instead would use it all up without wasting it too.

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