Even Services Like A Dentist Requires Price Shopping Awareness

Even Services Like A Dentist Requires Price Shopping Awareness

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I heard a story today of a person who was interested in getting some dental work done and she happened to bump into a lady that worked at a dental office. At first she was told it wouldn’t be too expensive where for what she wanted, was a filling to my knowledge, the cost would be like one hundred and fifty dollars per tooth. As she went into the office though she had a check up to verify if everything would be okay. They had to take an x-ray of the mouth area and apparently that resulted in a one hundred and twenty dollar fee. They mentioned that was a standard fee and service that was necessary and she didn’t think much of it.

That is until she was told what others charged on average for the same service. For example, for a simple x-ray photo the fees are more along the lines of twenty five to fifty dollars for others. So in a sense I guess you can say this dentist took advantage of her price wise. It’s so easy to just ignore the price comparing aspects when it comes to services that are related to your health and well-being this way.

I can imagine that people would price gouge like this because a lot of people have insurance benefits for these types of things where for most people since it isn’t their money they are spending they just go crazy on the spending. Sometimes the scenario is essentially a “you get what you pay for” route and there are other factors that may contribute to the fee. However, this example shows there are plenty of people who will take advantage of your lack of knowledge and trust as well.

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