Ethics In Correlation With Generating Wealth

Ethics In Correlation With Generating Wealth

Today I saw this neat video from a Ted Talks which was conducted by a person named Paul Piff.  Essentially it explores the issue on whether or not as our wealth increases does that mean traits such as our morals or values decrease?  Example, are we more prone to lie or be more rude to people?  In this example a simple game of Monopoly was used where the game was rigged as one player was getting more money and dices than other players.   As you may expect, it makes the match lopsided.  Interestingly enough, it seemed like despite them knowing this they became more arrogant and in a sense delusional as if it was their skill that resulted in success.

While this may not be very accurate in the sense that you can probably find so many biasness in this test, it is an interesting thought where I often believe that you have to prepare yourself mentally to be wealthy and it is not as easy as it may sound.  I think for many they simply feel invincible when they are placed in that position and with that comes with the habits of irresponsible spending for example.

At the same time, it should make you think at how many success stories out there are really just padded in an effort to sell the story of it where they have to make it sound more marketable.  Example, one example that crossed my mind is how a person has been gloating that he makes over $30,000 a month in such a fashion where he was simply an average joe.  In reality, he had a business that he leverages off of in terms of giving himself the necessary push and publicity where a true beginner wouldn’t have that luxury.  Understandable as the story wouldn’t be as marketable.

I suppose in many ways like with that example you do have to lie to achieve success to a certain extent in business.  Almost feels like one of those things that a school would forbid you from doing whereas in reality that’s what most successful people and businesses do.  Of course there always are exceptions and it’s nice to read stories of those who have found success without the need of going with that route.

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