Embracing or Fighting Against Trends For Your Business

Embracing or Fighting Against Trends For Your Business

This was kind of a funny story I read here about a barber shop. As everyone probably knows by now that Pokemon Go app is everywhere. As it appears too there are a lot of businesses who are taking advantage of being a popular location for the app. So this story about a local barber shop was kind of funny I thought. Essentially this was a more old fashioned barber shop where I would assume the owners don`t exactly care much about tech and all. Apparently some kids went in the store looking for the Pokemon Pidgey and he was very confused. This annoyed him as the kids weren`t in a sense spending any money or anything. This lead him to create a sign telling people that they should only come in if they are a paying customer.

It showed the contrasting difference I thought on how you can either go against a trend or take advantage of it. Like in this case I was thinking how he could probably generate more business and positive attention this way. Example, if he created something to help and welcome the players I wouldn`t be surprised if some of them would actually become a customer or it would give his property the ability to sell more items like a mini concession stand.

At times like these this is when I think having “younger blood“ in your organization can do wonders. To me anyhow it just seems smarter to work with the crazy trends like these. In many ways it`s like this guy won the lottery that many other businesses would want too.

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