Earth Day And Sales
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Earth Day And Sales

I was noticing a lot of ads from stores recently that have been promoting Earth Day and offering discounts to people to buy more stuff. While some offers kind of made sense for the theme of the occasion such as if you trade in your old equipment you can get credit towards a new product, other deals are simply coupons to save money from purchasing X amount of dollars. It doesn’t really make sense in that case as you seem to be just adding potentially more clutter.

The one category that I thought was interesting was how electronics recycling seems to be becoming more accessible as a lot more large box stores are implementing a system to exchange your old electronic items for credit. Very similar to recycling say cans at the store for money.

For the most part though, the current ads that I see kind of play with your emotions it seems where since Earth Day is about doing something good/noble ,so to speak, attaching that phrase as a sales gimmick makes you kind of think it is a good thing to do. Should be more about learning to live as a minimalist for the day I’d say which should help you save money and live with less clutter.

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