Double Birthday Expenses Due To Weekdays
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Double Birthday Expenses Due To Weekdays

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I was thinking about this recently as my nephew’s birthday is coming up and my brother decided to throw a party for him on the weekend as it will be more convenient for everyone. However, on his actual birthday he was planning to do even more stuff. It made me think how a lot of people actually spend way more money on birthdays in these cases. It’s almost like one day is more to cater to the guests and the actual day is supposed to be the one with meaning. For yourself, would like the weekend one be good enough for the child?

I know as an adult that happens a lot where you tend to treat people on a weekend if it is more convenient. Then on the actual birthday you will probably receive happy birthday messages as a way to show that people didn’t forget or care in a sense. Then again, for a lot of adults some people don’t want it to be a big deal too as you tend to not want people to spend too much on you.

Trickier for the child of course as you want them to have good memories and such on the actual day huh? Then again, maybe it can be a good way to teach a child the concept of a budget where if you spend all your money and resources for that one party then you will not have anything left for the actual day. I wonder how I would have reacted if given that choice and whether or not it would help my financial literary skills in any way.

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