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Doing The Grouse Grind And How Far A Dollar Can Go

Today I decided to do what is classified as one of the most dangerous hikes in the world. It is in an area called Grouse Mountain here and the Grouse grind consists of walking 2830 steps to reach the mountain’s attraction destination. As you can imagine, a lot of people do this as a way to exercise. This was actually my first time and I didn’t know too much on what to expect. I knew that bringing my DSLR camera would probably add a lot of weight and difficulty to it which it definitely did.


I found the hike itself to be perfectly tolerable as I am usually physically active. There were definitely a lot of nice scenery and nature to enjoy. There was also a persistent squirrel as you can see here that seemed insistent in doing the grind with me. All good though.


When I reached the top there was plenty of stuff to see considering you are pretty high up into the mountain.



There were even some grizzly bears where funny enough one of them was trying to balance a rock on its nose while in the water.


While the hike itself is free to go up, you have to pay for a ride to go back down which costs $10. All the signs state that you aren’t allowed to walk back down which is unfortunate. But that $10 got me thinking how I pretty much spent the whole day with a few people and the attraction kept us entertained. So many times I hear people say if you want to have fun you have to be prepared to spend anywhere from $50 to $100 as an example.

Like in this case though, it just comes down to trying new things where in many cases it can cost very little. I was even joking on how I have lived in this province all my life and it was like I was a tourist in many ways in doing this activity. Always something great to do even if you are on a tight budget.

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