Doing Anything Extra On A Leap Year To Better Your Finances
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Doing Anything Extra On A Leap Year To Better Your Finances

People often say that time is the most precious commodity as that is one thing that money cannot buy. With that in mind, today is a leap year of course and that made me wonder did you do anything different with this extra day in the year? For the most part it just seemed like an ordinary day for most people minus the special sales and promotions that revolved around a leap year theme. For myself it actually worked out good since documenting deals and promotions is something I normally do anyways.

For me it’s more about taking advantage of the “event” type of happenings that occur on a day like this. You could argue it can in a way cost you money such as having to wait longer to get something that you are supposed to receive on the last day of the month such as interest credit. Although, this extra day does make me think how having things in place that gives you daily residual income is the way to go financially in general. If you were some mogul that made like $10,000 a day as an example I am sure you would love this extra day.

So if anything, maybe a leap year should encourage you to invest and or create ways to make sure that you are earning some extra residual income each day regardless if you are physically working or not.

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