Does The Size Of A Person’s House Dictate Success?

Does The Size Of A Person’s House Dictate Success?

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I heard an interesting comment today from a lady that was having a heated debate about people who sell books and services that promise to help make people successful. More specifically, she was criticizing the authors of such materials where the main selling point is that they themselves are supposedly very wealthy and successful as proof that their system works. However, she made a point that a lot of these people she encountered didn’t have expensive houses which means they must be a phoney.

It just made me think how business wise this is an unfortunate battle that people must deal with as perception is reality. Unless you are already established that usually means you have to spend the money to look the part. Puts it into perspective as to why people such as realtors usually want to drive the latest and greatest car as a way to give clients the impression of success.

I guess I just think way differently because to me having a fancy house doesn’t mean much if the person has like a million dollars in debt. That to me would raise flags. Funny enough, if a person lived in one of those tiny houses simply because it meets their needs with no debt I am inclined to say they are more successful. It makes you think too on what is the balance of showing yourself as a real person in your business life? Cause as this demonstrates, you will get judged as it’s not always about the results you produce but rather the image.

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