Does Seeing Poor People Help Kids With Financial Literacy
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Does Seeing Poor People Help Kids With Financial Literacy

Recently I was talking to a child where it didn’t seem like he really valued things like the cost of food to the point where he feels it is infinite and that throwing it away prematurely is no big deal. This is usually when people would use the saying on how there are starving kids in Africa that would love it to get people to appreciate what they have.

So in talking to him I asked if he had ever seen how poor people would love what he has. Apparently he has never seen a poor person ever even in the media that he consumes. So with that I just showed him some pictures using Google search of items such as how small the homes are in certain countries and as well pictures of how some kids around the world have such an extreme hard time even finding drinking water.

His reaction seemed so priceless as he asked “Why are they do different?” That then opened the door to educate him on how not everyone is fortunate to not have to worry about basic necessities like food and water. Many people can’t afford it. He then looked at his parents and said they are rich, which they aren’t, because as a child most think money grows on trees. But after informing him that they weren’t he seemed to immediately switch his tune about just throwing away food and that things aren’t free.

Kind of makes you wonder if this is the one simple thing all parents need to do once with their child to give them a base knowledge of value for the things they have in their life. In terms, one should be more conscious about money.

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