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Do You Have A Business Replacement For Yourself

There were two scenarios today that got me thinking when it came to running a business. In one situation I was dealing with trying to get a refund for that class that had booking fulfilment issues and at the same time was I was debating about an alternative school where its sessions are starting soon. In one case it was expressed that it was unfortunate where the person who would usually be monitoring everything wasn’t there. In the second scenario I was reading how the instructor was not feeling well but will be running the classes anyways. It got me thinking, do you have a plan where you could easily replace yourself if needed?

I know even for myself I often forget about this aspect when it comes to running like a business as I am so into the work that I forget to think about what happens if I can’t be there. The solution isn’t as simple as just hiring a person too because they won’t necessarily have the same passion and commitment as you do towards the business since it isn’t their business. Like in the case of handling a customer, you may be so passionate in what you do while wanting to make sure everything is good because this business is your livelihood. However, if you are away and the person replacing you is just there to make like an hourly wage maybe they could be less caring in wanting to make sure he customer is happy.

I guess for me the challenge has always been trying to find people who I feel are genuinely passionate about something. Even for something simple like this blog I would love to find like contributors who are equally passionate about the topics. But most people that contact me are usually like an advertising agency who is trying to get extra publicity for its clients. So in that sense, this isn’t exactly a solution for if I can’t be there for whatever reason.

Is there ever truly a full proof solution? The story I often hear is that the person themselves just retire or sells the business when they reach to a point where they can’t truly be there anymore where they have to rely on another. It’s almost lie you have to play matchmaking except for business.

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