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Do The People You Surround Yourself With Cost You Money?

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Now I have heard of this practice applied to things such as people trying to lose weight or for people who want to become more successful in business, but it was interesting to hear someone try and apply this specifically in regards to how much money you can make and how well you can manage it. In general, the belief is that if you are say doing bad in business then a big reason is suppose to be a direct result of the people you surround yourself with. Or like if someone is gaining a lot of weight, then again a factor for that is suppose to be a result of the people you hang around with.

So essentially in regards to money for this, the view was that if you are say in constant money trouble that a big reason for it is that you are hanging around too many people that are always struggling over a debt and not really doing anything about it. That is kind of an extreme way of looking at it I think. Some people even joked about how they guess that means people are going to have to start “firing” their friends if they are not performing.

I personally don’t believe that the people you hang around with are the direct cause of one’s financial woes or success as if it’s like putting a piece of paper next to a scorching flame. Similar to one of my past post, I do think though that associating with the right people can have an impact on your finances in terms of your overall lifestyle direction and what you do in various situations. So like with this view on money, the people you surround yourself with can definitely influence you to do things you that will cause you to have financial difficulties, but they aren’t the direct cause of it I’d say. Unless you have say friends or family members that constantly break everything that you own by accident….well that’s a different story.

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