Do Elections And Politics Matter For Your Success
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Do Elections And Politics Matter For Your Success

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Today was election day here in Canada and as expected there was a big change as to who the new party leaders are. For the most part there seemed to be a very active voter turnout. However, there still were a ton of people I talked to who didn’t bother as they feel anyone that gets voted in is going to mess up. Therefore, they try to simply get by with their business by working with what is given to them as opposed to trying to change the way things are done.

In some ways it actually make sense. Many times when it comes to starting any kind of a passion it’s easy to say you can’t do this or that because of external factors. Therefore, you need to fix that first. While you are doing that someone else who only has like five dollars in their pocket gets to work and ends up making a decent living out of it. I guess the question is, would it be better to dedicate your time to help change something that will impact everyone or should you just focus on what you need to do?

I tend to think it is a little of both. I think the big difference for me is that while I do vote for whoever seems to have the best direction, in no way do I rely on that as a way to make sure my life is taken care of. I know, sounds very weird as we elect people to take care of us right? I personally almost treat things like this as a lottery ticket. If they end up doing what they said and I benefit from it then great. But I think it is better to essentially carve out your own path.

But either way, you should still be active with issues like these I feel. It takes like a few minutes of your day too. I mean in many ways to me it’s like getting a free lottery ticket which funny enough people actually would line up to do. Now that this is over and done with time to focus on life as usual and see what happens next.

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