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A Diverse Amount of Experience To Be An Entrepreneur

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I was reading this article from the Business Insider at which talked about how scientists have discovered a personality difference between entrepreneurs and employees. For the most part, it states that an entrepreneur is more diverse in a jack of all trades type of fashion.

While I definitely do have a lot of different experiences in various roles and industries, I find these kinds of scientific studies to be a little silly. It’s too much generalization I think to the point where it is like saying there is a correlation where there are more meat eaters than vegetarian entrepreneurs and so that is a key differentiator.

I think it’s just the ability to think differently for the most part and that can come from a variety of reasons. Example, someone who simply feels there is a better way to do something or that they were never strictly educated to do things a certain way. Doesn’t need to be more complicated than that does it?

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