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Distracting Sale Previews

Surprisingly it seems like more and more companies are announcing their big shopping sales for boxing day sooner than later for some reason. As you would expect, the public gets to see selected items at a rock bottom price to hopefully entice you to shop with them during boxing day. While knowing the prices for some items is great, it just makes you want to hold off all your shopping until that day arrives. Unfortunately, you can’t exactly do that if you are still shopping for gifts.

Because of that too I am usually inclined to try and find all of the sales ahead of time. So for me I usually avoid reading previews that list say one a day where they hope you will visit their company each day to find out more. Like for retail stores I usually just go hunting in trying to find the full flyer for the day of the event. That way you know for sure if there are good deals and not having to spend so much energy thinking if you need to hold off on purchases for better deals.

I am actually surprised that companies release it so early too as you would think that would encourage people to not buy big ticketed items as they will simply wait for the better deals. I suppose like with my example too they assume people are going to have to shop anyways and that it won’t hurt them at all.

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