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Discount Hype

I found myself wandering through various stores today as I was looking for a carry on bag. This was definitely not a category that I stay updated about in terms of prices and so for the most part I was at the mercy of what the stores labelled as a discount. The discount claims seemed pretty ludicrous such as bags that normally cost about $300 and is now selling for $80. It did make me wonder how many people would buy it at the “regular” price as that must be some gross margin for the business.

I couldn’t help but to try and search every item that looked appealing online to see what the average price was. What was surprising was the retail prices were indeed that high. However, it seemed like everyone was always on a permanent sale of sort which makes the “discount” price the “normal” price in many ways. With that in mind it made determining a good price easier as I would focus more on the final price tag as opposed to the hype of how much I am apparently saving.

Ultimately I found one for about $70 which didn’t seem like too bad of a deal. I’m pretty sure I could have found a better deal if I tried harder, but fortunately I didn’t plunge into the ones that were claiming I would save so much money without researching it ahead of time.

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