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Dilemma In Having To Go With Cheap Routes Due To Budget

There is this community where I am helping to oversee some of the technical resources that they require to communicate with each other such as the use of a website. Now the fortunate thing before that was they were getting services for free which was great from a financial point of view. However, it appears that the company is now ceasing that option due to business misfortunes. Therefore, I am in the process of seeking what is best for these guys as I obviously want something that has quality while fitting their budget.

It is kind of irritating as I am around this stuff all the time so I know who the good providers are as well as the bad. And in so many ways you don’t want to go with the cheap option because you know how much better quality the more expensive ones are. At the same time, I can’t help but to think for the future growth where what if one day they get busy and that cheaper service just cuts off as an example? It’s one of those situations where I am thinking if I wouldn’t do that for myself then why would I want others to go that route?

I know if it was me only in that example where it was more money I needed then I would rather find a way to make more as opposed to settling with what might be bad in the long-run. But I don’t exactly have that kind of control in this scenario. This is one of those cases too where it kind of makes sense to budget things and make decisions based on what it is now and for today as opposed to ten years down the road. For example, you can argue that I am thinking way too much on the “what if” factor which isn’t very productive since I don’t have control in terms of how they will grow or the decisions they will make in regards to that.

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