Cyber Monday On A Saturday And Sunday

Cyber Monday On A Saturday And Sunday

This is kind of interesting as this year I have noticed so many retailers are simply dubbing its weekend sales as “Cyber Weekend” in an effort to keep the shopping frenzy going from Black Friday all the way through Cyber Monday. I then saw a report on how businesses feel that consumers just want deals where the actual date of the event is irrelevant. While I would think that is kind of an obvious fact, a lot of the “weekend” sales before or after the actual main event dates feel like regular sales.

In that sense, it’s almost like a placebo effect to make you think the deals are better than they actually are. When I went to a lot of stores today it was mostly trying to clear old inventory such as these extremely old movies and video games. Not exactly a ground breaking sale to say the least. There are the occasional large ticket items here and there, but the items in demand are all being saved up for the actual sales date it seems.



For me it feels like there is only a “Cyber Monday” and as mentioned the rest of these sales are simply trying to piggy back off the sales hype to make the deals sound more mind blowing than the really are.

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