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Cutting Corners To Risk Making More Money

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Today I noticed that a piece of clothing I paid to have repair started to rip again on the exact spot that I requested to be fixed. They were supposed to patch it up as opposed to just sewing it as even they said just sewing it wouldn’t last. Funny enough I didn’t actually check if they patched it but rather just saw that the hole was gone and just trusted them. I am going to take it back of course but it made me wonder how many businesses actually try and cut corners to gamble at the chance of making more profit.

Like in this case I am sure just sewing that tiny spot costs virtually nothing and so if the thing never ripped again that is a lot of money for them. But as shown here it did rip and after noticing they didn’t give a service as stated it just makes them look really bad. Would you ever dare to cut corners like that for the sake of trying to make more money?

To me that is just way too risky and not to mention unethical. It’s important because like in this case I was actually a new customer and you just never know who you could be your customer for the day. Can you imagine if it was someone extremely well known in the local business community as an example and you ended up getting busted like this? I don’t think that extra $5 you made at the time is worth that. That trust and reputation can be expensive to earn to earn back.

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