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Creating Your Own Industry

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While watching Shark Tank today there was an interesting pitch where an entrepreneur has essentially created demand for a product by creating a subculture for it. You can see a brief clip here:

I think this is the first time I seen all the Sharks trying to outdo each other pretty aggressively to get a piece of the business as well. I enjoyed the story behind it such as how the person didn’t want the lifestyle where he saw his parents working for long hours which essentially steered him into being an entrepreneur. At the same time, this was all just an idea he thought of and went with where it didn’t seem like he had an encyclopedia worth of business plans for example.

I guess you can say if you have an original idea that requires the invention of a new subculture it’s all about hustling where your passion and commitment is what matters. Starting businesses like that seem way more fun huh? Just so many ways to develop something in order to make a living.

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