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Costing You Money To Help A For Profit Business

Today I took some time to help a business with a mini project where for the most part I agreed because it seemed like they would be losing a great opportunity if they didn’t get the thing done by a certain deadline. As well, I genuinely wanted to see them grow. Technically, I lost money doing this too and I know almost every business guru you can think of would probably frown on that.

I must be one the few who believes that if you do good things for others that you will in return receive the same. Ironically though, having said that I think most of these situations have usually turned out for the worst such as the person/business simply forgetting about the deeds or that they simply ask for more until they drain you.

I guess for me the important thing is not to expect anything in return. Basically, if you agree to help in this way out of the goodness of your heart then prepared to eat up the loss with no return. Of course, realistically to avoid this period you could just be consistent in always insisting where if there is no upfront compensation in exchange for your work/time then no can do. Kind of a downer in some ways as I know for myself I usually want to help as much people as possible but it’s tricky trying to determine who genuinely needs/appreciate your help versus those who are strictly using you for their own gain.

It’s like that saying of how one rotten apple spoils the whole bunch. This is so true when it comes to business I say as you need to reflect back with everyone you have met and dealt with to hopefully make the best decisions moving forward.

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