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Consuming More Because of Deals

This week at a nearby supermarket they were having this sale where you could buy five pounds of carrots for about two dollars. What a great deal I thought as usually it’s about four dollars. Usually when I have that many carrots available I would do some juicing with it. I was just thinking how because the deal seemed very good that I was inclined to do more juicing to take advantage of the deal more.

I guess you can say I was technically spending the same except I was doing it more often. Usually I would just stick to my regular routine though without allowing sales to make me consume more as if the intent is to save money then that is not the way to do it. However, this is one of those things that I do as I think it is a very healthy for myself and so it seems like a good practice. I wouldn’t do that if it was say a movie rental where it is half price this week. I wouldn’t then watch two movies as I intended to spend that much originally for example. It all comes down to whether or not it helps me I guess.

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