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Constantly Changing Scheduled Appointments

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I head a funny story today from a person who paid a deposit to have some photos taken and the photographer was telling her that the appointment would need to be rescheduled. The first reason was apparently a helper wasn’t going to be available. It happened again though as the second time the photographer was going to be out of town. The bad thing was the person was actually still in town and so that of course made her more uptight about the situation. Wouldn’t you know it, for a third time they told her it would have to be delayed and that is when she said forget it.

This was kind of surprising I thought as the company to my knowledge was pretty established with a large list of clienteles. Therefore, the only real reason I could think of for these constant blow off situations is that they felt they could work with another clientele that would be more beneficial to its business.

That’s always a dangerous attitude to develop when you find a lot of success as you tend to neglect the “little guys” where you believe you are so beyond them that you just don’t have to care how you treat them. I always like the saying of don’t forget your roots. It’s these “little guys” that helped you to become successful in the first place and sooner or later they grow bigger too. Therefore, I think in these types of situations it’s best to stay consistent. Doesn’t matter how big one’s wallet is over the other, when it comes to like customer service everyone needs to be treated with respect.

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