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Comparing Resellers

I was looking at this list of companies that sold a particular item as on the manufacturer’s page it listed who the authorized dealers were. Not surprisingly there were some stores that I never even heard of as these are the smaller businesses compared to the large retail chain stores. It was kind of surprising to see how much cheaper certain items were at the smaller places.

That made me think of how this is a great way to scope out deals for other items too where you can simply find all of the local dealers through the manufacturer’s site and then use that as a base find the best deals. I think most people would normally not even know that these stores even exist since smaller business can’t always afford to pay for a space in high traffic areas.

I did this once before when a friend was looking to buy a TV that was in the range of $5000+. All I did was go to the company’s site, looked up the list of resellers that the company provided and not surprisingly I found a place that was selling the item for about $500 cheaper.

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