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Cloudflare Leak Change Your Passwords

I was reading a lot of news today on how the content delivery network Cloudflare has been compromised where people’s private data such as passwords may have been compromised. There are a ton of sites which use its service too such as Uber. For those who don’t understand what kind of service this is it basically stores site content where people can access the content at a specific server location that is closest to the user. That should in theory make site loading times faster.

For example, I remember for this blog people were telling me that I should use that service as it would do stuff such as store all of the blog images on their server to speed up the load times. I am always iffy about using third party services for stuff like that. Especially since this isn’t exactly a site that gets like one billion views a month type of thing where those are the scenarios you would really see the benefit.

Either way, time to change all your passwords. You should be doing it anyways frequently as you just never know.

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