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Close To Store Closing Time Discounts

I dropped by a supermarket later than usual today as there was apparently some good deals on ribs. That was the case, but it seemed like they were restricting how much they could sell a day in an effort to increase overall sales for the week. But, it was good to know for the week on the best place for this item.

Another interesting observation was that since it was close to the store closing time virtually all of the freshly made products had discounted prices in an effort to get rid of it. My assumption is just like a restaurant it’s either sell it or throw it away at the end of the day. Like here as an example, the item was slashed by a dollar.


Keep in mind it is for virtually all of the freshly made products too. That may not sound much, but if you are shopping for a cart load of stuff that can be a pretty significant savings at the end of the day. For this place the price slashes always happen at the same time too so you could easily plan for it. A small adjustment you can do in your grocery shopping habits to save money.

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