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Having A Choice During Your Retirement or At Any Age As The Goal

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Today I was told that a person who is retired is deciding to go to a ton of different countries in the next few months. It almost seems like he is going from North America, Asian, Europe and then back to North America to places he has never been. This is a rather long trip which is out of the ordinary for the person but he saves a lot of money and continues to do small jobs on the side. It made me think when you retire do you intend to just spend or continue to save?

My personal goal funny enough is something I would imagine people at any age would want. Basically having the choice to do what you want without money being too much of a factor. That doesn’t mean you have to be a millionaire either as it is more about spending time and investing in things that would enable that to happen. For example, I would imagine if people invested in like some kind of garden that can pretty much give them their daily food necessities that can mean you don’t need to make as much money at any age.

So with it’s not really a spending spree or a saving mentality as opposed to being self-sustainable. Of course things happen and so that’s why it’s good to invest in multiple items in case one thing goes sour. That’s how I would personally envision a retirement. I suppose the question would be though that you may be self-sustainable but how would you get to say travel anywhere you want like the above example?

I am a long ways from retirement per se but I would imagine that could come from things such as finding ways to get paid to do it. For example, there are a ton of companies that could potentially sponsor you to do such a thing or if you want to learn something new maybe even trying things like teaching can give you a free trip in a sense with certain companies. You could argue that isn’t retired as you are working but to me the important thing is to have the freedom and choice to do what you want.

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