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Charging Money To Use Your Own Store Bought Birthday Cake

This was kind of surprising today as I went to a restaurant with the family and a birthday cake was purchased ahead of time to be eaten at the end of the meal. Now from my experience most restaurants are accommodating and happy to do things such as keeping the cake in their fridge until your meal is finished for no charge. Businesses are usually happy to host things like a party as it usually translates to a lot of customers which means more money.

For this place though, they mentioned that there would be a fee for this. The reasoning was that if people wanted a birthday cake then they must buy the restaurant’s ice cream cake. Otherwise there would be a fee. Think of it like a fee that many restaurants charge if you were to bring your own wine as an example. But for a birthday cake? That was odd. After a discussion about it though the manager mentioned that they would waive it off.

Unfortunately, it didn’t work out that way as at the end of the bill there was indeed a charge for the cake. This was indeed the first time I have ever seen something like that where a regular restaurant actually insists that people must buy its birthday cakes. Makes me wonder what business person thought that a birthday cake fee would be a smart idea.

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