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Changing A Product Line Up Name To Start Fresh

I suppose everyone else has been reading about the exploding Samsung Galaxy Note phones too right? By the sounds of it the company can’t get a break where even though they did a massive recall and replacement apparently even the new phones are blowing up. This has resulted in the company ceasing production until they can figure out what is going on.

It’s interesting reading comments from people about this as many people are saying the Galaxy Note brand is officially dead now as everyone is always going to associate that product name as the unsafe phone that blows up. Therefore, people are saying that the company should just kill the name completely and launch it under a different labeling scheme in the future.

In many ways it actually does make sense. I guess the reservation is that you need to spend all this time and money in creating new product identities and all. However, I am pretty sure the cost to repair the image in the first place is going to be more costly and time consuming. If you were thinking of changing the whole company name in general then that would be different.

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