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The Challenge of Keeping Yourself Challenged

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In the past few weeks I have read multiple stories of people who do things s such as daily writing or other forms of content creation where they expressed that they are simply burnt out and require time off. Although the key point for this is that many people often say the routine is driving them crazy and they don’t have the same excitement for what they do than when they first started. So they take a break to see how they feel after.

Some people think I am crazy to being to say write everyday as they just don’t how that is possible. Is there a secret to it? I think there are actually two main reasons for this. The first and most important one I feel is that since what I do is usually based on my daily life per se technically there is something new every day. So for me to not learn anything for the day to be able to have something to write and reflect upon is pretty rare in that sense. As well, because of that I suppose you can say I don’t have the pressure where I have to do something a specific way. Therefore, I am motivated to want to learn and grow as opposed to publishing to appease someone specifically.

The other important factor I feel is that I actually do a bunch of different stuff. Even this year I decided to do daily video creation as well which is a completely different challenge on its own. If you remember last year it was my documentation. So constantly exploring new things based on what you are interested in is just as important as just marinating what you do.

I personally don’t want to be in a situation where I worked so hard for a goal where if I achieve it I then stand there and say “okay, this is boring now” sort of deal. I personally always like to explore different avenues of the same interest as that way it’s almost like you are constantly training yourself for bigger things where everything interrelates. Or the other way to put is that way I am constantly challenging myself.

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