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CEO Salary For The Year

I was looking at this neat tool today where it was essentially trying to show the point of how much a CEO for a large corporation makes compared to average workers. As expected, the numbers look so extremely lopsided where a ceo pretty much makes an average worker’s yearly salary in one day.



Now obviously the intent of this is to show how the system is broken per se where one person can make so much which makes it wrong. Does this make you resentful for example when you see this? Maybe I am in the minority, but usually when I see stuff like this it makes me curious in researching what they are doing different to get to where they are as when you think about it anyone can do the same as long as you are willing to make similar decisions and sacrifices to get there.

So in that sense, is there any point in being resentful? You could argue for example one had to scam a lot of people to get to where they are at and so that’s not a path you are willing to take. Everyone has a different path and so you shouldn’t directly compare yourself to another person’s financial situation I think. Different path yields different results.

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