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Carrying Around Your Own Refreshments During The Summer

It was pretty hot today and I was at an event where one of my friend was getting extremely thirsty and so he decided to buy a drink. As expected, the prices were outrageous such as a bottle of water costing over $3. In contrast, there was another friend who carried around a little bag where he had his own refreshments. He even mentioned himself that he knew how expensive beverages are at events and so he adopted the mentality of always bringing his own water and beverages.

It’s probably worth the investment in the long run as simple things like water can pretty much cost a meal at places where people bank on others willing to spend a lot of money for convenience. Almost no different than carrying a mini camera bag on your waste which a lot of people do already. Or if you drive a vehicle to the event, that should make even more sense to keep some refreshments handy.

Not like there are movie theatre rules where they don’t want you to being your own food and drinks as an example.

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