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Car Sharing Services As Your Transportation Budget

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Today I got an e-mail about a new car sharing service that is being launched. Since there seems to be quite a few popping up it made me wonder if financially this service would make more sense over owning your own car or taking public transit. For this offer, it was stated that you could get 200 minutes for free which is an $82 value. That works out to about 41 cents a minute.

It does make me think too as to who the targeted consumer is. I would imagine if this was me the service would make more sense compared to other options if I don’t normally need a vehicle in the first place. For example, the amount you pay for car insurance each month would be silly if you don’t actually use your vehicle enough to warrant that. In that case this would make sense I suppose.

It would be interesting to meet someone who actually uses this service as their main form of transportation and see how that works out for them financially at the end of each month.

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